Monero Mining

I have started a attempt to mine some cryptocurrency. Mostly for fun. This is I good tutorial for installing on Windows 10.

For my Macbook I used this page, where they have compiled xmr-stak-cpu for MacOS.

Following this tutorial, opening (from Finder) the Unix executable xmr-stak-cpu – I get this error.

I can’t find any solutions by googling, so I tried some different stuff myself. The easy fix is to drag and drop the xmr-stak-cpu file, then the config.txt file to Terminal. Somehow using the full path on both files, makes it work.

Now xmr-stak-cpu suggests the correct settings for the CPU. Copy and paste into config.txt, add your pool address/ wallet.

Run program again. Your will se something like this.

The hash rate of my Macbook.

The hash rate of my NVIDIA GeForce GTX 3GB.

The hash rate of my Intel Corei5-74003 Ghz (using 3 cores)



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