Ubuntu Kernel 4.13.0-26 breaks AMD Drivers on mining rigs

A week ago my Ubuntu mining rigs started failing one by one. The only thing I had done was rebooting them.

LSHW shows all display cards as *-display UNCLAIMED. Googling a solution for this got no definitive solution, everywhere they say the AMD driver was broken.

CLINFO shows zero GPU’s

Starting XMR-STAK-AMD gives this error, meaning it can’t find any GPUs.

Since I had spent so many hours trying on trying to fix this issue, I came to the conclusion that the easy fix was to just reinstall Ubuntu 16.04 with new driver install. And after the install, I would prevent the kernel from updating with this command:

Show the menu choices at Grub start

Meny items starts at 0. The kernel version I want to switch to is 4.10.0-28-generic which is item number 6. Open Grub and setup this meny item.

Change this line from 0 to 6.

Update Grub and reboot




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