Norwegian TwoClock Clone v.1

I loved the TwoClock since the first time i saw it. But the prices were insain. And I thought, how difficult could it be to make it myself?

I had a couple of 8×8 RGB matrices laying around, and with help of the great Adafruit tuturials ( figured out how to address the RGB pixels.

Started the deveoping of code with the Arduion Mega 1280, for easy access to IO. When I was done, I moved on to use Arduino Pro Mini ATmega328P clones from China.

The norwegian telling of time is a bit different from english. instead of “half past one”, we say “half two”. And “twenty past two” becomes “ten to half three”. So my code is pretty much useless for the rest of the world, unless you redo the logics.

Code is here:

Cycling through possible combination, 5 minutes per second
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