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XMR-STAK-AMD on Ubuntu Server 16.04 and AMD HD 7870

I bough an old desktop, since one of my other test desktops died. Of course I wanted to set it up for XMR mining. I spend countless hour trying to install some OS one it, but they all failed. Googled my ass off. Tested the memory – all red… Why didn´t I start with that. Anyway, this setup worked.

Since Ubuntu Server comes with no GUI, I used my Macbook with SSH, so I could copy+paste stuff. At Mac Terminal

Accept crypt key and enter password. (Change IP and username).

Of all the tutorials I tried, the one from AMD got me the furthest. All the reboots are important. Updating the system.

Download AMDGPU-PRO Driver Version 17.30 for Ubuntu 16.04.3

For some reason wget did not work for me on this file, so I downloaded the file to my Macbook and copied to Ubunty with scp. From Mac Terminal, in download folder:

Back to Ubuntu.

Check if you are member of the video group.

If you are not in the group, add with this command (karstein = your username)

Log off and on again to make the change.

The AMDGPU-Pro driver package incorporates the ROCm component that can be optionally installed for running Compute/OpenCL applications.  Not entirely sure if I need it for mining, but this step made stuff work.


Install the opencl headers.

Now for the XMR-STAK-AMD compile. Normally it works with just cmake, but I got so many errors – and again hours of googling. Cmake needs all the parameters. It is possible to make symlinks for the libraries, but for me that didn’t work.

The last line creates a needed script file. Add the lines below. CTRL+X, Y + Enter for saving.

If you don´t start XMR-STAK-AMD with this export script you will get the following error, which sent me on a wild goose chase for some hours.

Open the config file for editing.

Change these lines.

There are lots of other settings to set, but these are the ones that makes it work. Intensity can probably go up to 7-800, but then the GPU got unstable and crashed. Some sites can use pool_password as identifier for your computers.

Make the startup script executable.

Finally, start XMR-STAK-AMD with

You should get a nice printout like this.

supportxmr.com will give you nice stats for each pc.