Uarm with OpenCV playing Motor World: Car Factory

EDIT: I kind of gave up on the uArm, since I could not repeat the movement to same (X,Y) coordinates to a degree that was useful. I figured i only need two axis (XY), and the three (XYZ) on the uArm only made things more complicated. This means I went over to an ever bigger project – make my own “XY-arm” called YX-pad. Check it out over here.

For a year now I have been hooked on this stupid mobile game called Motor World: Car Factory. It’s repetitive, mundane and addictive.

While doing missions, you end up with this repetetive task of building the same car over and over again. But you have to do it, to get resources to capture new workers/characters and get further in the game.

I got the idea that I should use OpenCV and a robot arm with a capacitive stylus to play the boring sections of the game for me. A totally useless project, but I get to know Python, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, RPi cam and OpenCV better.

To do:

  • Control Uarm with Python from Macbook Air over USB/serial line
  • Control Uarm with Python from Raspberry over USB/serial line to Arduino based board
  • Control Uarm with Python from Raspberry over Bluetooth 4.0 to Arduino based board
  • Detect all needed user input with RPi cam and OpenCV with return of coordinates.
  • Map OpenCV coordinates to UArm coordinates.
  • Create game playing logic loop


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